Rum Currency – The Bolters (Work In Progress)

At this stage it doesn’t look like this project will be finished any time soon due to lack of time, interest and money. No progress has been made for a number of months, so I have had to shelve it to work on other projects and get back to life. Maybe I’ll get back to it next year (or later), but here’s the partially completed recordings pending any musical additions from others  at some point down the road.

Rum Currency – The Bolters (Work In Progress) (c) 2014 Rum Currency

1. Southwark Fair


2. God’s Unholy Water


3. Morton Bay Bound


4. As I Came In By Williamstown


5. Skin And Blister


6. Blue Eyed Boy


7. Walk The Day Away


8. Tobacco And A Dollar


9. Cane Cutter’s Lament (The Connaughtman’s Rambles)


10. Shit Town


11. The Toll Gate

Can’t Take You Anywhere (2010)

It’s WAY too hot in the tropics to record the last few tracks so I’m putting an end to the misery of this one. It took at least two years longer than I planned to put together and has given me the shits no end.

Here it is, Can’t Take You Anywhere, donate five or ten bucks if you think it’s worth it OR spend 1000 days in Sodom you tight arses.

so I can afford to buy more gear to keep recording substandard folk music!

Track Listing:

01 Songfeld
02 As I Roved Out Of Shit Town
03 Tianjin Drinking Song
04 I Once Knew A Fella
05 Screaming Bloody Murder
06 Maggie Lauder (Trad.)
07 Can’t Take You Anywhere
08 Until The Light Of Day
09 Mount Kembla
10 Black Eyed Lisa
11 Token Sailor Song
12 Country Life (Trad.)
13 Vagabondage/The Black Meat
14 Never Trust A Sailor
**Extra Tracks:
15 The Drunken Vegan
16 Dark Eyed Lady
17 The Eviction Song
18 Amsterdam
19 Valerie Cinneide

(c) 2010 All songs written by Rum Currency except Track 6 and 12 Traditional Arr. Rum Currency **Tracks 15 – 19 from Blaggard Warm Stout Demo 2007

This work is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0.

Download Can’t Take You Anywhere:

Here, or

Here, or



Here’s the two demos recorded while I was living in western Melbourne in a freezing cold fibro shack.

Warm Stout (2007)












Can’t Write Can’t Play Can’t Sing (2006)




New Song – Until The Light Of Day

I don’t know where I have lifted the tune from, and I have asked a few people who cannot tell me either but, anyway, you can download it here.


two lovers walked thru belmore park before the break of light
the steam from off their breath arose and floated with the night
the shimmer of the city lights reflected off the trees
she sat upon a bench, he knelt before her on his knees
he said, “oh me lovely girl i was a fool i’ll ne’er deny
me love why do you slight me so, ignore me roving eye”
the crickets spoke to nobody to voices far away
i’ll walk until the night has passed until the break of day

remember when Mick Thomas played, you ringing like a bell
crankin’ as we stumbled from the annandale hotel
the world was here within our pockets, water in our eyes
breathing 40 years of failure that no one denies
she said, “i hate this fucken city cos i know her all too well
intoxicated by her taste, addicted to her smell
and i hate you cause you know me inside out in the same way
so i’ll walk until the night has passed until the break of day”

then i’ll become a soldier dear and freedom i shall guard
or i’ll become a farmer instead of marching up and down the yard
oh who loved you so very bad for you to turn this way?
so let’s walk until the night has passed until the break of day

Downloads Available!

The whole demo in progress can be downloaded below. You’ll need 7-Zip to extract the file. It’s free!

Downloads Available Again Soon

My old host cancelled my account, so I’ve slapped this one together quickly, will be up and running again soonly!

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