At this stage it doesn’t look like this project will be finished any time soon due to lack of time, interest and money. No progress has been made for a number of months, so I have had to shelve it to work on other projects and get back to life. Maybe I’ll get back to it next year (or later), but here’s the partially completed recordings pending any musical additions from others  at some point down the road.

Rum Currency – The Bolters (Work In Progress) (c) 2014 Rum Currency

1. Southwark Fair


2. God’s Unholy Water


3. Morton Bay Bound


4. As I Came In By Williamstown


5. Skin And Blister


6. Blue Eyed Boy


7. Walk The Day Away


8. Tobacco And A Dollar


9. Cane Cutter’s Lament (The Connaughtman’s Rambles)


10. Shit Town


11. The Toll Gate